Professional Services

  • Professional-Services

Dr. Durnas and the staff of Action Chiropractic and Sports injury Center offer care beyond the clinic.

ART Corporate Solutions:

Did you know that the average sprain or strain workman’s comp case can cost a company $62,000? Dr. Durnas is an elite provider of ART, which means that he has been tested and approved by OSHA to go onsite and provide first aid and wellness care to prevent overuse injuries. ART corporate solutions has been proven to reduce overuse injuries and save companies thousands and boost employee morale and productivity. If you would like more information on ART corporate solutions, please email Dr. Durnas at or visit.

Speaking Engagements:

Dr. Durnas has given talks and demonstrations on injury prevention and workplace safety. If you would like to have him speak to your work force and give demonstrations of proper mechanics and ART please call the office at (630)699-9858.

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