Action Chiropractic and Sports Injury CenterDr. Jason Durnas DC CCSP.

Over the years of beating myself up in sports, I have come to the realization that pain sucks! I chose to become a chiropractor because I was helped by chiropractic. I was in such discomfort it took me over 3 minutes to put on my socks. After seeing a chiropractor, and regaining the ability to tie my shoes, I realized that taking loads of NSAIDs did not address the fact that there was something causing the pain. The more I learned about it, I found that Chiropractic doesn’t just hide symptoms, like I was trying to do with pills, it fixes the origin of the problem. At Action Chiropractic of Naperville, we promise you that will be treated as an individual, who will receive our full attention. We will discuss your case with you personally, talk about how you developed it, and work with you to prevent it from coming back as best we can. We promise that we will dedicate ourselves fully to getting you back to action as fast as possible, or directing you to somebody else who can. We look forward to hearing from you and joining our growing Action family!

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